Legal Directories Where Every Attorney Needs To Be Listed

judges gavel with a directory in the background

If you are an attorney and if you want to be found by a potential client, then there are certain websites that you have to be found on. We are sure that you know about the power of search engine optimization and internet marketing. After all, who could not know about those things in this age and time, especially someone who runs a business. You know that whenever people are looking for an attorney or any other type of business that they go to Google, and they perform a search. If they cannot find you on the first page of Google, you will not get their business from the internet. That business is going to go to one of your competitors who is operating on the web and a level much higher than you are. They are either doing search engine optimization, pay per click marketing or they’re listed on some of the most popular directories that every lawyer should be listed on.

Consider Google Business Listings

When it comes to internet directories that attorney should be listed on the top one that we can think of are the Google business listings. These listings are what you find when you do a search on Google, and you find an attorney at the top of the page, and you click through. Here you will find a little better information about the attorney, but more importantly, you will find ratings and reviews left by past clients. People who are looking for specific type of lawyer like a personal injury lawyer, a criminal layer, or an employment lawyer rely on this information and if you are an attorney who is trying to have an active presence on the internet, then you Google business page has to be stellar, and you need tons of ratings and reviews. The remarkable thing is that it is easy to claim your Google business page and to optimize it such a way that when people find it, you will appear as an attorney that they can trust and believe in.

After Google, people typically turn to websites like Yelp, and they’re huge Community to help them determine if an attorney it’s worth their time or not. People love hearing what other people have to say about an attorney or any other type of business. If you are an attorney, and you are not listed on Yelp, and if you do not have any reviews, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. You are probably missing out on a ton of business because you’re not listed on Yelp, and you do not have people reviewing you. If you want to have more traffic on the internet, then you need to learn how to optimize your Yelp listing.

There are private specialty attorney directories on the web that can truly help your business. You need to discover who they are, how much traffic they drive and how you can get placement on them. If you can get placement on one of these directories, you will be able to drive more traffic to your business, and it will help you create more clients.

So these are the things that you must do to be a modern attorney in the age of the internet.