What to Check When Inspecting your Roof

Your home has a roof that takes care of you and your family. But it is also for this reason that you must return the favor by conducting a yearly roof inspection. This check could save your wallet from potentially incurring huge repair bills in the future. After all, your roof is also part of your home, and if it’s damaged, your home cannot exist anymore. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the piece of mind that comes with knowing that you are shielded from the harmful elements of weather, these roof inspection tips will be handy in all situations about inspecting a roof.


Step 1: Begin your inspection from the ground

You can get the best view of your roof from the ground when checking it for general signs of comprise. A quick walk around the house will also reveal signs of sagging and aging. Finally, examining from the ground will give you a general overview of the status of your roof.

Step 2: Find leaks and water damage if they exist

Your roof may also accumulate piles of leaves –especially when a tree branch is hanging on top of your house. Piles of leaves may compromise the structure of your roof, thus causing leaks and water damages that can be expensive to fix. While doing this check, look for signs of moss and algae infestation. These elements have the same effect on your roof as piles of leaves.

Step 3: Inspect for damaged, aged, or missing shingles

These factors, when combined, form a healthy recipe for roof damage. When shingles go missing, your roof will be exposed to the harmful elements of weather. In addition to this, it can make your roof an eyesore, and this would force you to replace them immediately.

Step 4: Inspect the flashing’s

These metal pieces are responsible for covering roof curves and edges. Apparently, they are most prone to damage by water. Water can either leak through or around them if they are damaged. This can easily compromise the overall structure of your roof if not rectified in time.

Step 5: Look for signs of dry rotting

A roof that has wooden parts and shingles is prone to warping. Also, these roofing pieces may undergo dry rotting which is an indication that the shingles need replacement. What is more, damage which occurs in roofs made of asphalt shingles may be inspected through the gutters. This inspection will reveal whether or not there are pieces of grains coming from the shingles. If grains are present, then it means you should replace them as soon as possible.

Step 6: Take up your ladder

There are parts of the roof that should be inspected when you have done the actual climbing on top of the said roof. However, if you are afraid of height or are confused about not knowing what to do once you are on top of your house, call a reliable roofing contractor. They will inspect your counter flashing – which is a piece of metal strip that is often used to secure areas of the roof that need additional moisture protection. A roofing contractor will also do a comprehensive check on your roof to ensure that no stone is left un-turned.