What are the Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is also known as a game of pleasure played by gentlemen. It is a very popular game played worldwide and also received very well. It is an outdoor game that played in a large vast area covering between 30 to 200 acres of land. It is a game where a small hard ball is propelled to many holes with few strokes by the use of a wooden stick. Golf has its benefits, and they are;

1. Outdoor exposure.

Due to the game being played in that large area space it requires the players to be outdoors. Having exposure to the natural environment brings us many benefits health wise of our minds and bodies. When you expose yourself to green areas, all the time leads to the relaxation of our bodies, reduction of stress and also helps reduce anxiety. Exposing yourself to sunlight too has its benefits which include minimizing the risk of being depressed, getting cancer and also diseases of the heart, leads to the growth of bones at the youthful stage and enhances absorption of vitamin D in our bodies.

2. Foster relationships.

Leave alone it being enjoyable it is also a very social game. It provides people with an opportunity to enhance good relationships with their friends, also creates a platform to meet new people and also help in connecting the society. There is plenty of time and silence for interacting with the other people that play golf since it is not a game that is very competitive. Research has shown that a lot of people close down important business deals in golf grounds or when playing golf.

3. Bladder strengthening.

How does it strengthen the bladder? Taking of beer each and every time after a golf game fills your bladder a lot. It is said the more time you hold it, the more you strengthen your bladder capacity. Even the women that play golf say that it also helps in strengthening muscles of the legs mostly in the quadriceps. Those who cannot hold it for long it is said that it helps in doing exercises of the legs.

4. Burning off calories.

The area that the golf is played in is very large between 30 to 200 acres, and the game itself involves a lot of walking and also skipping on the cart. For those that carry their golf sticks (clubs) burn way more calories than the others that just do the paying only. Golfers burn a lot of calories in a single game let us say approximately 1000 calories.

5. Keeps the rate of your heart up.

Golf surprisingly minimizes the risk of getting any heart disease this is because playing the game itself is an exercise to the heart. The too much walking, carrying of your club and also the swinging increases the rate of the heart keeping it in the pumping mood and also enhancing the increase in the flow of blood. This not only reduces the chances of heart diseases but also reduces the level of cholesterol that is not required in the body.

6. Good for the brain.

As the rate of the heart increases so is the flow of blood in the brain which improves and stimulates the connections of the nerve cell. It delays dementia a mental illness. The brain is kept active and also enhances eye coordination this is because the golfers not only compete against each other but also compete with themselves for good scores. This kind of a challenge boosts someone’s self-esteem and also their confidence which also involves the brain in mental alacrity in the tallying of scores.

7. Vision improvement.

A small white ball might be a distance away and requires one to be able to have a good vision and to also be very keen to zoom in on the round. It improves the coordination of the hand-eye since one makes small targets from a very long distance hence giving the golfers the chance to examine their keenness on their vision.

8. Low-risk injury sport.

It being a leisure game and also comparing it with other sports, the chances of you getting an injury is pretty low since it is a sport that requires no contact at all. The only activity required in the golf sport is walking, pivoting and also swinging. It requires being accurate, coordination and also strategy. The physical activity involved is enough to keep the muscles busy. Various golf courses in Kelowna BC have told us that they have never seen an injury related to golf on their course.

9. Better sleep.

Golf engages your body in a lot of exercises that means you will be tired by the time you get to bed. This brings about falling into sleep faster and also sleeping for a longer period because of the amount of energy lost while playing. It is said that deep sleep is important to one’s body since it repairs tissues and muscles and also leads to cells regeneration.

10. Stress reduction.

This sport reduces the levels of one’s stress. It being an outdoor game provides one with the opportunity to interact with other people and also share your kind of interest which helps you forget about your problems. Also being in an open environment and spending quality time with friends keeps one in a favorably good mood. When you play at least one round of golf releases endorphins which are natural chemicals for enhancing one’s mood in our brains keeping us in a relaxed state and also very happy.